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Vinton couple gives up eminent domain fight

May 24, 2010
By Keith Humphry

A Vinton couple has decided to fold. After fighting the Roanoke Redevelopment & Housing Authority for more than a decade, Stephanie & Jay Burkholder have decided not to appeal.

"As a result of government infringing on our personal rights, we've gone and joined the tea party," Stephanie Burkholder says.

The Burkholders own a small piece of property that had been in the way of Carilion's Bio-Med center on Reserve Avenue.

Eventually Carilion said it was land the health-care giant said it didn't need. But the condemnation proceedings continued anyway.

A judge ruled against them and a jury put a $2.2 million price on the property.

It has cost the Burkholders $600,000 to fight the city housing authority

"After what I've seen," says Stephanie Burkholder. "I don't feel that I can afford to gamble, to lay it all out there on emotions, on passion."